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Latest User Reviews

i can never thank the guy at the shop enough for recommending this to me. absolute heaven in a glass.
This is one of the finest scotches.. Smoky fruity flavour. Great with a Oliva V Maduro..
Bought whisky onboard P&O Ventura in Jan 15 and just started consuming.
I find it to be bland with no smell or taste of spices. Very poor as it bears no relation to the Marketin Hype. perhaps the marketing people need to get out more.
There is now a wide range of such flavoured whiskies and in my opinion the industry is selling the good name of Scotland short.
Sorry but its a poor product.
Quite ok, not the best Laphroaig I have tasted. I think it would be better at a higher %. The Quater Cask is much better
Exceedingly young, under mature whisky. Its not overly offensive to the palate, but its got nothing going for it above a standard blend. The fact is this is engineered for cocktails, and too expensive by far. Only for hipsters and people with more money than sense. If your into sipping whisky neat. DO NOT TOUCH THIS!